JOHN BEASTALIS Food for Proud Meat Eaters

JOHN BEASTALIS Food for Proud Meat Eaters

John Beastalis is a passionate professional focusing on meat and the art of fine dining. He is inspired by traditional and modern techniques from around the world and has studied this field at leading schools in Greece, London, Shanghai and Australia, broadening his horizons and drawing new ideas and sources of inspiration. When he is not cooking, he experiments, studies and travels in search of his continuous training.

Upon your request, we have the possibility of organizing high standards private dining, starring meat, as well as a mini seminar on the techniques of sharpening knives, cutting and cooking meat. It is also provided, upon request, the possibility of presenting fine Greek wines and a special variety of freshly brewed coffee in an ideal, refined atmosphere for private or corporate events (maximum 40 people).

The meat of the matter

In an old-fashioned atmosphere at MELIA’S VILLA with natural light highlighting the details of preparation and serving, genuine seasonal coals aromatize the fire and give a taste on the meat of excellent quality. Different, specialized baking techniques highlight the fine raw material while delicious fresh breads are offered in baskets. Handmade, authentic cold cuts are cut on a manual old machine, selected local cheese and seasonal salads add color to the dish, while imaginative desserts are accompanied by cups of freshly brewed cold coffee.